CREATED in the studio showcases emerging  contemporary visual artists creating with a variety of media. Each short video documents a visit to an artist's studio and a discussion of creative process, influences, and how the work fits into a larger cultural context.

Episodes are listed newest to oldest, and each artist's name links to a personal website.

Colette Aliman

I think art can be practical. I think what turns people off about that is, At what point is it art and what point is it design?  But I think now there‚Äôs this merging of those two realms, and instead of having a designer or an artist, one can be a creator of various compositions.


Dan Fig

I'm interested in creating spaces. One of my greater ambitions for working on these is to be able to create a space that has several different languages going on in them. ... They exist in some way as an interpretation of what I think of as the symptoms of engaging with all the technologies that we engage with now. There's a flattening of information that exists, and there's also a visual flattening of all that information ...


Daniel Greer

Advertisements in our public spaces are telling us how to feel, or what to think, or what to buy, and you never get an opportunity to talk back. ... The freedom to respond and make them the way I want them to be, or in a more truthful depiction of how things are, is therapeutic. And you get a sense of control as well.   


Eri King

My role ... is really just indicating these things that are part of the quotidian, or everyday life, and saying, Look at it. ... Maybe a form of introspection can be translated by pointing at something that we already have a relationship to. 


Olivia Jane Huffman

Creating these pieces that discuss activist topics, especially feminist topics, it just fits like a glove to me. ... We learn from seeing things. And from seeing women, or queers, trans individuals that are working with visual art or media or tv, they're exposing this lifestyle to other people ... 


Austin Siegert

I'm very much a traditional academic in a lot of ways, but what I'm trying to do is move that conversation forward, just in the way I'm painting. ... I'm trying to capture three and a half hours. I'm trying to capture a range of emotions and a conversation.